A Few of the Procedures That A Dentist Can Perform

Ever been to the dentist and had work done only to be left with nagging issues in your mouth like pain or swelling? I certainly have and this is definitely not an uncommon story if you find yourself in the wrong dental clinic.  I feel that it is incredibly important for every city have at least one great dentist. One that has the ability to perform many different procedures and can help anyone in need when we have problems with our teeth. These problems may include cavities, root canals, gum disease, and they can also help straighten teeth to give you and your kids a perfect smile. Here are some of the more common procedures that are done by a dentist, procedures that can help us resolve any pain that we are feeling, and also give us a beautiful smile.

A Root Canal and Why A Dentist May Recommend One

If you’ve ever had a really bad cavity that you let go just a bit too long or didn’t quite reach that special spot on your tooth with your brush then you are not alone.  Tooth problems can be a real pain (in more ways than one) and I think everyone at one time or another has had to deal with a cavity or 2.  The issue only gets worse if you don’t get them taken care of and filled soon because as the cavity grows it can start to reach the tooth root and start doing damage to it.  Once this happens it’s all but too late and you gotta have one of the great procedures of our time (sense the psarcasm) a root canal. In this case you will need to see your dentist and they will likely refer you to a specialist, like in our case a Beverly Hills Endodontist.  Unfortunately this procedure is not cheap but fortunately some of it will be covered by your dental insurance.

Why A Dentist Will Use Veneers

Veneers are very thin porcelain pieces that are designed to be on the outside of our teeth. These are typically provided for people with slight cosmetic damage or can be useful at helping to straighten out just one or two teeth. These can be costly, priced at over $1000 each. The dentist will have to grind down the exterior front portion of a tooth in order to apply it. Many people will get multiple veneers done so as to have teeth that are even in appearance and color. For those that have more significant damage, or actually need to remove teeth, dental implants would be the better choice.

What Are Dental Implants?

These are made up of two different components. There is the implant and the crown. The implant is a screw like implement that is inserted into the bone structure of the jaw, typically made of titanium. Once this is in place, a porcelain crown will be placed on the top. This is what will provide the appearance of a regular tooth. In the same way that many people will get multiple veneers to keep everything even, people will also get multiple dental implants. Some of the teeth that are done will not use an implant. The dentist will simply grind down the tooth that is there and use that as an anchor. This can save the individual quite a bit of money, usually a couple thousand dollars per tooth, and the end result will still look phenomenal.

Braces And Stain Removal Procedures

Both adults and children will get braces if they would like to straighten their teeth. These are designed for people that have good teeth that are simply misaligned. People can actually straighten their teeth in as little as a year and a half, giving them the perfect smile that they always wanted. To complement that perfect smile, stain removal procedures can be done. This is also called bleaching. A dentist can provide you with both of these procedures, allowing you to transform your smile into something great.